Arab Science and Journalist Association (ASJA) are regional Arabic, non profit network, aim to develop the field of science and technology in the Arab world through developing the scientific Arabic mass media and its role in the field of technology and science.

The ASJA launched in 2006, and headed by. Dr. Nadia El-Awady, its current head is Dr. Nehal Lasheen, Previously the network was headed by Dr. Magdy Saeed and Dr. Waleed Shobaky.

ASJA worked under the umbrella of The Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF), and it executed a lot of programs in cooperation with other organizations include: “Tawasol” training center, and International Media Company. SAJA headquarter is in Cairo, Egypt.

SAJA’s Projects and Activities:

- Organizing the first conference about the Arabic Scientific media in Syria, 2006.

-  Signing twinning agreement with the American scientific book association in July 2007.

- Declare the first Directory for scientific media, in January 2008.

- Signing cooperation agreement with “Technology Journal” in Libya in February 2008.

- Organizing the first conference for Egyptian environmental media in July 2008.

- Organizing the first conference for Moroccan Scientific media in October 2008.

- Organizing the first session for Arab Scientific media Award.

- Winning to organize the 7th international conference for scientific media 2011, in July 2009.

- Organizing the 2nd session for Egyptian Environmental media in August 2009.

- Signing cooperation agreement with “Tawasols” training center and International Media Company in December 2009.

- Organizing two training sessions in the new media field that presented by the American lecturer Join Bohanon, with cooperation with “Tawasol” training center and the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate in December 2009, the session streamed through video conference to the association’s members outside Egypt.

- Coordinating with the organizing organizations to send delegations to attend “Nobel scientists” conference in German for 2009 and 2010 sessions.

- Organizing International Conference for scientifical media in 2007, 2009 sessions.

- Organizing the American Association conference to develop science in 2008.

- Participating in preparing training for scientific journalists’ with ELSCO organization.

- Organizing the first lecture about e-courses program that discuss the scientific media.

- Starting fellowship program for the professionals in the scientific media in January 2010.

- Cooperating with UNESCO (Islamic organization for Raising and science and culture) to organize the scientific media session in Sudan in April 2010.

SAJA planning for publishing the first electronic journal specialized in scientific media, Also SAJA not considered as alternative for any syndication that includes journalists in the Arab region.