The Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) launched The Nanotechnology and Materials Science Arab Network initiative.

Nanotechnology Network acts as online virtual organization that can develop in different research fields through using the available possibilities, the network receive some financial and funding support to have an access for great Arabic Scientifical achievement.

Nanotechnology and materials Science Arab Network’s Goals:

 - Engage the Scientific research with the industry, through various ways, like: project’s evaluation, funding and promoting the projects, putting strategies for managing the valuable projects.

- Making benefits for the realism and virtual team works.

- Funding the innovations centers and publishing the researches in the accredited scientifical journal.

- Support the technological and scientifical universities and associate it with the innovations in markets.


Nanotechnology and Materials Science Arab Network headed by Dr. Amal Amin, Astf’s partner in this network: Egyptian Society for the advanced materials and Nanotechnology