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ASTF participates in the United Nations Conference for Science and Technology in Ethiopia

19th may, 2011

Dr. Abdalla Alnajjar, president of ASTF, participated in the 2nd meeting for Committee of Development Information Science and Technology (CODIST-II), which related to the United Nations. These meeting hosted by the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, from 2nd -5th may, 2011. Many scientific parliaments for a lot of African Countries joined the meetings, as 5 African parliament’s presidents attended.

It mentioned that, the conference organized with cooperation among UNISECO, The United Nations’ Economic Committee for Africa (UNECA), and the Islamic Educational, Science and Culture organization (ISECO).

The conference sessions discuss important issues that related to Innovation and Industrial Development, the policies of science, technology, research, and development to be benefit from the experts’ experiences, use the innovation, information and communication technology to achieve the industrial development, develop the innovation and industrial policies in Africa, and developing of knowledgeable society.

In his words, Dr. Abdalla Alnajjar, president of ASTF, talked about ASTF and its establishment, its development stages, also talked about ASTF’s programs that covered more than 18 Arab, African, and Asian countries. He stress on the importance of: benefiting from scientists’ experiences to build strong economy and society, and persuading the decision makers for the important developing role that played by the researchers and the scientific research, and changing the society and decision makers’ culture toward the scientific research, as in the previous period, it was focused on the processes of research and development and it’s long term process, also some misuse in dealing with the innovations issues.

Also Dr. Abdalla clarified that, In future the scientific and technological research results will offer jobs opportunities, and offer opportunities for wealth formation, with stressing on small and medium foundations’ importance to support innovation,  as these foundations complete and support the big foundations tasks.

Dr. Abdallah Alnajjar, president of ASTF, demanded more paying attention to activate civil society, who supports the scientific research, and to the importance of scientific media’s role and importance of knowledge spreading among the publics about the scientific research importance and its role to achieve the ongoing development.

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